What Is Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

Over the years aimix has been known for the production of machines that are for both short term and long term projects. The machine is used in the production of either dry or plastic concrete that is used for construction in various fields. One of those machines that have become popular in the construction industry is the Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant. This plant is majorly designed for those projects that are for the short term. This makes it easy for changing or transporting it becomes easy.

Features of the mobile concrete mixing plant

·Easy to move- the machine is made in a way that it is very easy to be moved from one area to another. As we as seen this mobile concrete mixing plant is ideal for those projects that are for short term. This makes it easy to be moved from one place to another.

·Operation and setting up of the machine is easy, the design of the machine is made in a way that makes it easy to be operated and set up. The modular design is not so complicated when setting it up.

·It is installed with the automatic control system. The control system helps in making the machine be easy to operate at the same time to have a high production rate.

·The dust removal- the machine is designed in a way that it has been installed with the dust removal system which helps in environmental protection. Once you have feed the conveyor with the raw material, the system will remove the dust from it.

·Special technology with no noise-the manufacturer has installed technology of high quality to the machine to ensure that there is no noise when it is working. Noise can be dangerous to the environment but with this, there is no noise at all.

Part Concrete Pump

The operation principle of the Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

The operation of this machine involves various stages that are done to ensure that high output has been achieved. The raw material preparation- the materials are well prepared and loaded onto the storage bin. Water is later added onto the aggregate at the storage bin.

Weighing and batching of the materials. At this point, the mobile batch plant weighs the materials before they are mixed. At this stage, weighing is crucial because it will set up the aggregate mixing ratio of the materials. Water and other additive required are also measured in the hopper.

The concrete mixture is then sent onto the conveying stage by the mobile batch plant(planta de concreto en venta). They are taken to the hopper to temporarily stored there.

The next stage is the mixing stage of the mobile concrete batching plant. The mobile concrete mixer tries to uniformly mix the materials before discharging them. In order to do this process faster, the twin shaft mixer is used.

The last stage in this process is the concrete plant discharge from the system after successful mixing by the mixer. The end product can then put on the concrete mixing truck to be transported to specific areas.

Advantages of the mobile concrete mixing plant

·It is easy to install and to transport the machine from one place to another after completion of the project you can move to the next one.

·The planetary mixer or twin shaft helps in providing high-quality mixing and also reduces the time required in the production concrete.

·The unique paint spray on the machine helps in protecting the environment and therefore ensures that the whole process is environmentally friendly.

·The desire and the sealing of the machine help in keeping it active and stay for a long period. If you are using aimix group machine, it is able to work up to 2 years without developing any failure on the machine.

·The Aimix group(AIMIX Maquinaria) does provide after sale service and this will include the maintenance fee that is actually free and therefore helps in the machine working. They can also help in technological support if it is needed somewhere. This will help in cutting the production cost.


Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant is an ideal machine for concrete production. The quality of the concrete produced always depends on the type of machine you have used. With an aimix group, you are assured of the machine that is of high quality. The operation of it is easy as it is using an automatic system when working.